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Caravans with a difference

Caravanning is a loose term which can include all sorts of mobile houses, we thought we would put together a selection of photos to show the extreme selection you have when choosing your caravan experience. (more…)

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Moving House Check List

So you are moving house, we’ve heard the saying that moving house for many people is one of the most stressful things a person can go through.  We don’t necessarily agree with this, because we work with many people who are moving house and most while being tiring are quite excited about the shift.  In our area of the world along the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula we are seeing massive growth. The sea-change epidemic which started back in the late nineties is still continuing. We continue to be the fasted growing region in regional Victoria, particularly the Torquay, Armstrong Creek and Warralily residential developments.

Anyway being the kind people we are at Store & More we would like to make your move much easier. To do so we have provided you with a check list. (more…)

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Torquay Self Storage Expanding

If you have driven past or been to our Torquay Self Storage facility in the past three months you will have noticed some activity.  We are expanding the Torquay storage facility, which is great news for us and even better news for you because we have many more storage options available.

Stay tuned for the grand opening!

In the meantime have a look at the work we have completed so far…

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Holidaying for an extended period, here are some tips.

Thinking of Travelling?
Many Australians travel for either work or pleasure for up to twelve months or more. The thought of setting off on a trip around Australia with the caravan in tow sounds ideal doesn’t it? Or even the long awaited jet setting trip around the world to tick off the many items on your bucket list. You can’t take all your stuff with you so, before you lock your front door and leave your worries behind, there is one or two or seven things you should consider. (more…)

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Selling Your house Tip No.1:

De-cluttering your house
Did you know by de-cluttering your house you can make your house look bigger, which is quite relevant if you are trying to make your house look more spacious then it actually is.  The same philosophy is true for the exterior of your house, if you have a small back yard or live in a townhouse with only a small court yard, then un-cluttering these areas will make them look more spacious. (more…)

Tips For Mould Free Fridge Storage

When storing a refrigerator (fridge) one of the greatest concerns is mould. If the fridge is not thoroughly cleaned and dried before being stored and, stored correctly there is a risk it will be in such a state when removed from your storage unit, that it can no longer be used. (more…)

Long Term Car Storage Tips

Storing a car for a long term is not as simple as it first appears, but it can be easy if you know what can go wrong. We’ve heard some terrible stories about beautifully restored cars being ruined by rats. The rats found there way into the back seat made a nice little house and then proceeded to eat just about everything on the inside of the car.  This happened over a much shorter period than may think, the car was stored for less than 12 months.  The problem was it was stored in an old farm shed and was not made rat or mice proof.


Hoarders Paradise

Our world is full of weird and wonderful people.  Some people just can’t bring themselves to through away anything, they are called hoarders, they suffer from an affliction which is now known as the “hoarding disorder”.