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Secure your business and avoid being a crime statistic

You finally have the business of your dreams, you have worked many years, had many late nights, it’s been stressful but all worth it. You have worked from home and now finally you have moved into your own commercial premises and everything is going well. But then you arrive one day at work to find someone has broken into your building and stolen everything you have worked so hard for, you are gutted!

Storing Collectibles

There is money to be made in just about anything. The word “Ephemera” means – things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. Funny then, that these items over time become collectible. Ephemera also means – collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

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Declutter your Home & Office

As the years go by, we all seem to collect more and more belongings in our homes and office. We look around and see the accumulation of paper, cluttered bench tops, wardrobes full of clothes that haven’t been worn; and we know that something has to be done! Even though we see the clutter, we can be overwhelmed with it all and then not do anything about it.

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Car Storage Tips

So you’ve purchased your dream car, vintage car, classic car or restoration project. Not only have you spent your valuable time and money on this wonderful new purchase, but you may not have the room to store your car safely at home, or know how to store it when it is not in use.

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Caravan parks Geelong and the Surf Coast

The Christmas break is almost here and Mother Nature has finally decided to share her amazing sunshine.
It’s also the time of the year when many of us pack our bags and go on holidays to relax and unwind.
In Geelong and along the Surf Coast, we are blessed with an array of fantastic Caravan Parks offering a wide range of accommodation and we thought we would share some of our family favourites with you.

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House land size and the need for more storage space!

As a child I remember spending almost every day in our backyard or in the neighbours backyard, playing with water pistols, digging for worms, flipping on the trampoline, but these days the great Australian dream of a big backyard has began to change and smaller sized blocks are now in demand.

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Shipping Container Storage and More

Intermodal containers which are more widely known as shipping containers, have been used for freight transport for more than 150 years. Originally used on the railways as portable storage, by the 1930’s they became more widely used for country to country transport across sea and land.

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Great fishing spots on the Surf Coast

Fishing is an ancient practice dating back more than 40,000 years when people fished for survival. Today there are an estimated 38 million commercial fisheries and fish farms around the world and this number is growing every day.*

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Document Storage – What are the rules?

The end of financial year is approaching and it’s time to start gathering all your information to prepare for your tax returns. Some of us have filing cabinets overflowing with paper, some of us have documents in our spare room filling up cupboards and wardrobes and some of us have paper all over our workplace.

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What a great business – Testimonial

We received this very detailed testimonial from a recent client and thought it would be worthwhile sharing it with the world.

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