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Shipping Container Storage and More

Intermodal containers which are more widely known as shipping containers, have been used for freight transport for more than 150 years. Originally used on the railways as portable storage, by the 1930’s they became more widely used for country to country transport across sea and land.

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Great fishing spots on the Surf Coast

Fishing is an ancient practice dating back more than 40,000 years when people fished for survival. Today there are an estimated 38 million commercial fisheries and fish farms around the world and this number is growing every day.*

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Document Storage – What are the rules?

The end of financial year is approaching and it’s time to start gathering all your information to prepare for your tax returns. Some of us have filing cabinets overflowing with paper, some of us have documents in our spare room filling up cupboards and wardrobes and some of us have paper all over our workplace.

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Caravans with a difference

Caravanning is a loose term which can include all sorts of mobile houses, we thought we would put together a selection of photos to show the extreme selection you have when choosing your caravan experience. (more…)

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What a great business – Testimonial

We received this very detailed testimonial from a recent client and thought it would be worthwhile sharing it with the world.

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Don’t judge a box by it’s cover!

Did you know that cardboard boxes have been around for almost 200 years? Yes we’re impressed too!
We use cardboard everyday for different reasons. Cardboard is a very useful material, in this blog we have collected some unique and interesting images of how some very creative people have used cardboard. Enjoy!


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Are all boxes created equal?

Cardboard Boxes are used by millions of people on a daily basis and even though they are considered indispensable in our day to day living, they largely go unappreciated.
The first reported pre-cut cardboard box was invented by the Scottish-born Robert Gair in 1890 and over the next 125 years has seen many forms and changes. So are all boxes created equal? (more…)

Moving House Check List

So you are moving house, we’ve heard the saying that moving house for many people is one of the most stressful things a person can go through.  We don’t necessarily agree with this, because we work with many people who are moving house and most while being tiring are quite excited about the shift.  In our area of the world along the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula we are seeing massive growth. The sea-change epidemic which started back in the late nineties is still continuing. We continue to be the fasted growing region in regional Victoria, particularly the Torquay, Armstrong Creek and Warralily residential developments.

Anyway being the kind people we are at Store & More we would like to make your move much easier. To do so we have provided you with a check list. (more…)

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Torquay Self Storage Expanding

If you have driven past or been to our Torquay Self Storage facility in the past three months you will have noticed some activity.  We are expanding the Torquay storage facility, which is great news for us and even better news for you because we have many more storage options available.

Stay tuned for the grand opening!

In the meantime have a look at the work we have completed so far…

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Holidaying for an extended period, here are some tips.

Thinking of Travelling?
Many Australians travel for either work or pleasure for up to twelve months or more. The thought of setting off on a trip around Australia with the caravan in tow sounds ideal doesn’t it? Or even the long awaited jet setting trip around the world to tick off the many items on your bucket list. You can’t take all your stuff with you so, before you lock your front door and leave your worries behind, there is one or two or seven things you should consider. (more…)

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