10 of the Weirdest Things People Collect

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Many of us like collecting things, whether it be old concert tickets, stamps, key rings, magnets or even shoes and ties, but there are also many people who collect unusual items, things that we wouldn’t have even considered. When we heard about these unique collectors we found it very interesting and we thought you may too.

1. Aeroplane Sick Bags

Nick Vermeulen holds the World Record for the biggest collection of aeroplane sick bags. He has more than 6000 sick bags from over 200 different countries and has been collecting them for more than 30 years.

2. Banana Label Stickers

Many of us wouldn’t even notice the label sticker on a banana, but collector Becky Martz has 19,631 different banana labels in her collection. Becky even has a website dedicated to her collection, so if you’re keen to know more take a look.

3. Mobile Phones

If you ever wondered what happened to old mobile phones, well I can tell you that Carsten Tews from Germany has some of them. Carsten has more than 1500 different mobile phones in his collection. His oldest phone is 33 years old, Wow!

4. Back Scratches

Dr. Manfred Rothstein holds the record for the most back scratches owned, with 675 back scratches from 71 different countries. I like that this collection is a practical one.

5. Water Bottle Labels

Before Lorenzo Pescini of Italy recycles his water bottle, he carefully removes the label and adds them to his label collection. Lorenzo owns a staggering 8650 water bottle labels from more than 185 countries.

6. Coca Cola Cans

Well if you can collect water labels in Italy, than you can collect coca cola cans in Italy too. Italian Davide Andreani holds the Guinness World Record for owning more than 10,500 coca cola cans. Davide has been collecting them for more than 35 years and some of his cans are said to be valued up to $500 each.


7. Water Pistols

We all love a good water pistol fight in summer, but who knew someone would decide to collect them. Chris Reid owns 340 water pistols and he even has one of them signed by water pistol inventor Lonnie Johnson.


8. Do Not Disturb Signs

Well if you’re going to stay at so many hotels, then you may as well keep a souvenir. That’s what Jean Francois Vernetti decided to do. Jean owns more than 11,000 Do Not Disturb signs from 189 countries. That’s a lot of travelling!


9. Chewing Gum

If you’re wondering what to do when you retire, you could collect chewing gum! 84 Year old American Sarah Maughan has been collecting chewing gum since 1948 and has more than 1445 different types of chewing gum in her collection.

10. Belly Button Fluff

Yes gross but true. One of our very own, Australian Graham Barker collects his own belly button fluff and he has been doing this for more than 20 years. If you want to know why, he has his own website with photos, if you’re game take a look.

So if you own a unique collection, or are thinking of starting one, our team at Store & More would love to see it. We can also help by providing you with safe and secure storage of your collection and we provide no judgement”, although we may write about it!

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