15 Tips for Moving House

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Moving house is considered to be one of life’s most stressful events. Whether you are moving due to selling, or you have finally purchased your new home and are moving from a rented premises, there’s a lot of things you will need to consider and remember.

At Store & More Torquay and Ocean Grove, we have helped many people with their home moves. So to make it easier for you, we would like to share some of our top tips for moving house.

  1. Removalist – Make a decision early about how you will be moving. You may hire a van, or truck and move yourself. Or if you are using a professional removalist, please book them in early.
  2. Work – If you are requiring time off work, book in the days early with Management.
  3. Insurance – Organise Home & Contents Insurance at your new home.
  4. Carers – If you have younger children or pets, book friends or family in early to care them on the day of your move.
  5. Utilities – Organise the ‘final readings” for gas, water and electricity and organise all utilities to be turned on at your new house.
  6. Storage – During your move, and if you are selling your home, you may require long or short term storage. When selling your home you may want to declutter to make your home appear more spacious. Our storage units vary in size and are available for the designated time you need. You may also need extra storage space when moving for your belongings, or for vehicles.
  7. Boxes and Supplies – Store & More stock all the packing boxes and accessories that you will need for your move, please call us on 5264 8448.Box-Bundles_Big-Mover
  8. Sorting – Moving house is a prime time to sort through all your items and throw away, sell or donate any items you have not recently used.
  9. Packing – Be organised with packing. Colour code different rooms in your home with coloured paper labels, this is easier for you and your removalist to know where to put items. Also don’t make boxes too heavy, put some heavy items in and then lighter items on top.
  10. Wrap Valuables – Wrap delicate items with white packing paper instead of newspaper, as the ink can rub off on items. Store & More also have bubble wrap and protective covers available for valuables. You can also use towels, hand towels and tea towels to wrap items.
  11. Inventory – Take photos and record any damaged items prior to moving, this will make sure your belongings are cared for during your move.
  12. Food – A few weeks before your move, it’s time to start eating all the food from your freezer and pantry. It’s also a great chance to fully clean out your fridge once it’s emptied out.
  13. Essentials Bag – Pack a survival kit for moving day that’s kept separately. Include snacks, water, coffee, tea, milk, cups, basic first aid items such as bandaids and panadol. If you have children, make sure their favourite toys and teddies are handy and if you have pets, pack some food for them too.
  14. New Address – You may want to contact Australia Post to redirect your mail to your new address for a few months after you move. There are also so many places you will need to change your address. To help you with this busy task, here’s a great checklist ton go through (Change of address checklist).
  15. Keys – It’s a great idea to book in a Locksmith to change the locks at your new home. This will allow you to have better security knowing only you have the keys.

We hope these tips help you with a successful house move. Our team at Store & More have lots of experience with packing and storage ideas, so please drop into our Ocean Grove 5256 2992 or Torquay Office 5264 8448, or give us a call.

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