Are all boxes created equal?

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Cardboard Boxes are used by millions of people on a daily basis and even though they are considered indispensable in our day to day living, they largely go unappreciated.

The first reported pre-cut cardboard box was invented by the Scottish-born Robert Gair in 1890 and over the next 125 years has seen many forms and changes. So are all boxes created equal?

The answer is “Definitely Not!!”

When you move house or need to save space, you realise the importance of cardboard boxes and their role in protecting your precious belongings. As the old saying goes, “You pay for what you get” and this couldn’t be more true then with the type of cardboard box you use. We have all had parcels delivered where the box has fallen apart, the fragile item you sent was damaged in transit, or where you picked up a box full of items, to have the bottom completely fall out and all your contents drop to the floor. It’s very frustrating and costs time and money, but choosing high quality packing and storage boxes will solve all these problems.

Solid, strong packing boxes are a necessity to guarantee your prized possessions are stored safely and arrive at your destination the same way they left. During your move, your items take quite a journey along the road, so we want to give them the best chance we can.

broken-stacked-boxesOne of the most important functions of a cardboard box is to provide crush resistance (product protection) and adequate strength for stacking. Store & More boxes are designed by optimising the grade of corrugated board. They are heavy duty twin cushioned, with a high grade board. Support from the product also provides “load sharing” which makes them ideal for stacking, saving you lots of space.

Poor quality cardboard boxes are made from thinner, flimsy, weak cardboard and are not designed to hold a lot of weight. Therefore when packed on top of one another, you will find they can not sustain the weight of other boxes and will crumple. These inexpensive boxes are also the same boxes that when you drag them across the floor, the flaps tear off and leave you falling to the ground! They are cheap for a reason, because the materials used to make them are of poor quality and design.

Store and More are passionate about cardboard and understand why some children play with the box, more than the toy. They take great pride in only stocking strong, sturdy, heavy duty storage and removal boxes to protect all your belongings and accompanied by their high quality packing supplies, including packing tape and bubble wrap, you can throw the “Fragile” stickers away, as they know your items will be given the best protection possible.


Architect Peter Ryan with his cardboard house.

Although we must admit we haven’t made a full scale house out of them like Melbourne Architect Peter Ryan, but when recycled they will make the best cubby house you’ve ever seen. Well made boxes when used in dry conditions should last decades, water is to cardboard what rust is to steel. So keep those boxes dry and you’ll reap the rewards for years.

So now you have been educated a little more about boxes the next time you move house or need to store some valuable items for an extended period of time. Make sure you pay for the good boxes, just like the ones we sell at Store and More. Funnily enough spending a bit more for the boxes will save you time and money!

The video shows how boxes are made.

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