Benefits of Moving to Geelong

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Moving to a new city is exciting and scary at the same time. You’ll get to know a new community and its unique culture, but you also must start over again in many ways. When pondering a move to a new city such as Geelong, you’ll probably ask yourself a few questions. Does the city have employment opportunities for my spouse? Where will my kids go to school? Will I have to drive an hour to Melbourne for a good restaurant experience? Hopefully, reading about these five benefits of moving to Geelong, from Self Storage Geelong, will answer your questions and bolster your confidence about a move to the laid-back, coastal town.

More real estate for your money

2018 real estate report, Melbourne’s median home price is $882,082. While Geelong outpaced many of Australia’s cities and suburbs for property value growth, the city’s median home price as of June 2018 is $567,000. Happy Geelong residents say that you’ll get more land and home for your money in Geelong as a bonus to the lower cost of buying a home there. If you decide to move to this suburb, rent Self Storage Geelong. Storing your household goods will give you extra time to find the home and neighbourhood that are right for you.

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Economic opportunities for businesses and workers

Available land and a skilled workforce are just two reasons why private and public organisations continue to move their operations to Geelong. During the summer of 2018, WorkSafe moved its headquarters from Melbourne to Geelong, and construction jobs abound as the demand for housing developments in Geelong increases. Geelong’s lower cost of living paves the way for more residents to become entrepreneurs. Large, private companies also have addresses in Geelong. A few of them include Epworth Healthcare, Woolworths, and Accensi.

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Close to the coast

Geelong is located on Corio Bay and the Barwon River. The Geelong waterfront features epic restaurants, boutique shopping, and some of the most picture-perfect sunsets in Victoria. Your family will love riding the big Carousel, sightseeing on the Giant Sky Ferris Wheel, and surfing at Thirteenth Beach. If water sports are your favourite ways to relax, think about renting Self Storage Geelong to secure your surf boards, jet skis, and SCUBA gear.

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Easy commuting

You know how it takes an hour to go about 10 miles during rush hour in capital cities such as Melbourne and Sydney? If you move to Geelong, you won’t experience heavy traffic. Driving across town is a breeze, and it takes about an hour to drive from Geelong to Melbourne. Geelong also has adequate public transportation, and many residents use the city’s high-speed rail system to commute to Melbourne for work.

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Great schools

Geelong is home to some well-known public and private schools. Private schools of good reputation include Freshwater Creek Steiner School, Geelong Baptist College, and Geelong Grammar School, which is an alma mater of England’s Prince Charles.

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