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So you’ve purchased your dream car, vintage car, classic car or restoration project. Not only have you spent your valuable time and money on this wonderful new purchase, but you may not have the room to store your car safely at home, or know how to store it when it is not in use.

Store and More provide suitable internal ground level car storage units which offer the perfect size for one large car or two small cars. Each car storage unit is independently alarmed and provides 24 hour, 7 day a week security monitoring, flexibility with short or long term storage and flexible access for you. Our units not only free up space in your garage and driveway, but also provide you with the reassurance that your beloved car is securely protected from possible damage and the harsh weather of Geelong and the Surf Coast.



Although before you allow us to care for your precious automotive baby, here’s a few car storage tips on how to best store your car;

  1. Wash, Polish & Clean – The first step is to give you car a thorough wash. Allow your car to completely dry before polishing the exterior, especially the chrome areas. Use a protector to clean all the vinyl and leather upholstery. Give the car a great vacuum inside and out and give it all a great tidy up.
  2. Mechanical Checks – Having your car serviced is beneficial if you are leaving it stored for a longer period of time. But if this does not happen, please do the following. Drain and flush the radiator and refill with new antifreeze. Change the Engine oil, filter and spark plugs. Lube all the grease fittings, the door, hood & boot hinges. Cover the ends of the exhaust to prevent insects from entering. If you plan to leave the car for extended periods, fill the tank with premium ethanol free fuel, or add a suitable fuel preservative. In terms of the battery, for long term storage suggest to disconnect and remove the battery from the car, but to refer to the owner’s manual for any precautions.
  3. Tyres – For less than a month storage, pump tyres up to 35-40 psi, although for any longer storage it’s best to put your car on jack stands. This avoids flat spots and adds longevity to the suspension system. For real fanatics, you can also coat the tyres in vaseline to help lock in the moisture.
  4. Protect & Cover – Leave the vents open and the windows down a little to improve ventilation. Cover your car with a suitable car cover, either purchased specifically for your car, or you can use a suitable breathable material, such as large cotton sheets.
  5. Insurance – Tell your insurance company the address of the storage facility to make sure it is covered while being stored. Some insurers may also reduce your premium while your vehicle is being stored, so it’s definitely worthwhile checking.


You may have heard the term “barn find”, we use this term to describe a classic car found rotting in a shed or barn long forgotten. To help paint the picture here are some actual barn find photos. The moral to this story is, if you have a great car and want it to remain great for decades to come then find a suitable storage place and keep an eye on it.

Mercedes-barn-find-store-and-more Mustang-barn-find-store-and-more store-and-more-barn-find

So if you’re lucky enough to already own your dream car, or you might be ready to purchase one, know that Store & More have the right car storage unit available to ensure that you can relax when you are not out enjoying the drive!

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