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Caravanning is a loose term which can include all sorts of mobile houses, we thought we would put together a selection of photos to show the extreme selection you have when choosing your caravan experience.

Everyone loves going on holidays and in recent years the popularity of caravanning is on the increase, with Australians realising the benefits and value they offer, as this article shows on Australians love affair with caravans.

Early Caravanning

You may be surprised to know that the the first horse drawn “Leisure Van” (photo below) was built in 1880 by the Bristile Wagon & Carriage Works Company. These earlier designs were more elaborate and only purchased by affluent people. Over time, the design was modified to attach to the back of vehicles, which although very 
sturdy and a reliable mode of accommodation, the styles and colour designs have not usually been admired.


So to keep you inspired and if you prefer “glamping’ and not just camping, take a look below at these amazing caravan designs, many of them could be lived in full time, they’re so luxurious!

Bohtlingk Dutch Vans

Dutch Company “Bohtlingk” design amazing vans. Would you believe the van below (with the child fishing) was designed in 1985, pretty innovative and stylish for 30 years ago. The second photo is their current funky version.



Tumble Weed

Designed by an American Company “Tumble Weed”, this caravan is definitely a “home away from home”.


The Mehrzeller Design

Austrian Company Mehrzeller designed this cellular looking van. They customise each section based on what the customer wants.


Inspired by the Sydney Opera House

Does this design look familiar? This Belgium design was based on the Sydney Opera House.


Ever wondered what a billionaires caravan looks like?

This unique van is owned by a billionaire Sheikh and even has its own satellite.


When only the best will do!

The WOW Factor. These three RV vans are better than my house!

7.-WOW-Car-storage-underneath 8.-WOW-Caravan-space-looking 9.WOW-Truck-looking-caravan

Retro Design

Flashback. This retro van pays homage to the 70’s, looks like it could go anywhere.


Lego Van

The Van in the photo below is solely made from Lego blocks inside and out, more than 215,000 Lego are used to construct this life size camper.


World Smallest Van

This van has the World Record for the smallest Roadworthy Caravan at only 2.39 metres long and is actually light enough to be towed by a bike.


So if you’re planning your next holiday, think about caravanning, with almost 500,000 caravans and camper
trailers registered in Australia, half a million people can’t be wrong!

Here at Store & More we enjoy looking after your beloved caravan when it is not in use. Our facilities are fully secure and monitored, our storage is available for long term or short term storage.

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