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Located 75 kilometres from Melbourne, Geelong is seaside port that is continuing to expand rapidly. One of the many joys of living in Geelong is that it is very easy to explore many places in Victoria from this city. Corio Bay and the surrounding area have many easy links to many other parts of Australia, allowing residents to take what they need from Storage Geelong and see what awaits them right outside their doors. The city’s dozens of suburbs offer a fine gateway to places that are well known not only locally but to people all over the country as well. This is a good home base for all those who are planning to explore the rest of the area while on vacation.

Great Ocean Road

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Right outside the doors of Geelong, the Great Ocean Road has been carved from the brush in honor of those who gave their lives during WWII. Travelers can explore as much or as little of this fabled route right from much of Geelong. It’s an easy thing to bring items from Storage Geelong and see where it takes you. Lots of stops are possible. Take some time along the road to dip your toes in one of many sandy beaches that are right off the road and protected by sheltered coves. Many restaurants lie next to the road, making it easy to pick up a meal and enjoy the view. The Ocean Road can be followed for more than a day if you’re feeling more adventurous.

Bellarine Peninsula

a dock in bellarine peninsula

The Bellarine Peninsula is one way to get in some time along another scenic part of the country. There are lots of beaches for the entire family. Spread out a blanket and head into the waters or just sit back and read your favorite novel. This is also a fine wine growing area with many noted vintages and lots of wineries that offer fun tours. If you want to sample a glass, you can also find places that offer a chance to have a bite to eat along with your wine tasting. Fish and seafood just caught are on the menu here. Many people find it easy to spend time exploring more than one winery at the same time during a single day trip.

Phillip Island

two people enjoying the view of phillip island under a cloudy day

Phillip Island lies just offshore from much of Geelong. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a place to see lots of native Australian wildlife in person. You’re going to want to bring out those walking shoes from Storage Geelong if you’re heading here. In a single day, you can find lots of paths that will bring you in direct contact with flocks of migrating birds. Wallabies and kangaroos can be spotted across the island. Take some time to sit on the beach. Look out and see a large colony of fur seals that make their home on the island’s rocks. Further out from the shore are vast pods of wild dolphins and whales.

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