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As the years go by, we all seem to collect more and more belongings in our homes and office. We look around and see the accumulation of paper, cluttered bench tops, wardrobes full of clothes that haven’t been worn; and we know that something has to be done! Even though we see the clutter, we can be overwhelmed with it all and then not do anything about it.

At Store and More we have the experience and expertise to offer advice in helping you to gain more space in your home and business, so here’s out top 10 tips on how to declutter your home and office.

  1. Just start – If you take the first step by allocating 5 minutes a day, you will feel so much better. By setting realistic goals and making it achievable, you won’t feel so stressed.
  2. I will do one thing todayOne thing at a time – You may have been given advice to clean one room at a time, but we believe decluttering by one area at a time is more effective. Start with one pile of paper, or one benchtop, or your DVD set. Our lives are really busy, so starting with one whole room can be overwhelming, focus on baby steps and just do one thing first.
  3. Commit to getting rid of junk – While sorting through your items, have 4 boxes and name them “Keep, Sell, Throw, Store”. This will help you to make a decision on what to do with each. Hiring a skip can be a great idea to remove broken items, those ones you were going to fix years ago and haven’t had the time to fix.
  4. Do you need it – Ask yourself do you love it? Does it fit? Is it useful? It’s time to get organised and not just keep things for the sake of keeping things. We all have a little bit of “hoarder” in us, but if we keep buying and not removing, our homes and office will have less space and we will spend more time worrying and cleaning; and less time doing those things we are passionate about.
  5. Recycling – The saying goes that we “Only use or wear 20% of items we own”. Great ways to test this is by trying Oprah’s “Wardrobe Challenge”. After you have worn an item of clothing, put it back into your wardrobe backwards, or inside out. After 6 months you will clearly see what you wear and don’t wear. You can also do this with your DVD or CD collection, put them in backwards and then it will be obvious which are your favourites. Sell unused, or unwanted items on Online selling sites, at garage sales, or donate to the Op Shop.
  6. Children can help – If you have children they can also be responsible in helping you organise your home or office. Label large containers with the name of the item, or a picture of the item for younger children. Don’t use container lids, as this makes it a lot easier for children to pack away items easily.
  7. Storage Organisers – There are a great range of storage solutions for your home and office. Filing cabinets, desk draws, space saver bags, magazine racks and shelving units, are just a few items to help you create more space. At Store and More we also sell storage boxes and accessories for all your needs.
  8. File regularly – Paper can accumulate quickly. If you file at the end of each day for a few minutes, this will help you keep on top of it all. Buying an in-tray, or even a scanner to scan and save important documents, is a great way to reduce the paper trail in your home and office.
  9. Don’t impulse buy – If you want something, write it on a list with the date. After 30 days ask yourself “Do you really need it?” This will allow you to have a good think about what you need and don’t need.
  10. Call Store & More – At Store and More Ocean Grove and Torquay, we have a wide range of long and short term storage solutions to save you space in your home and office. Whether it’s storing old documents, sports equipment or everyday items, we can help!

Remember that mess is stress, so don’t keep thinking about decluttering your home or office, just do it!

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