Don’t judge a box by it’s cover!

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Did you know that cardboard boxes have been around for almost 200 years? Yes we’re impressed too!

We use cardboard everyday for different reasons. Cardboard is a very useful material, in this blog we have collected some unique and interesting images of how some very creative people have used cardboard. Enjoy!

During that time cardboard boxes have changed shape and design hundreds of times and are used for shipping, storing and everyday food products, to name a few. Cardboard and paper packaging has become the largest single material consituting about 36% of the total Australian packaging market and with more than 5.5 millions tonnes used yearly in Australia, we definitely know we could not live without this amazing product.

So we wanted to pay tribute to our unsung cardboard hero with an array of creative ideas to keep you busy on weekends. Before you throw your moving boxes out to the recycling, take a look at these fun and cool projects that can be made with little cost and provide endless fun.

Creative Cubby Houses made from boxes

Cubby houses have always been a childhood favourite, but these photos show that there can be more to a
cubby than just a door and window.



And for those that like to cook, please check out our highly functional cardboard kitchen.


Don’t just stop at the cubby house, design the whole town too.


Wondering what to wear to that dress up party? Check out these awesome ideas.



These clever people should be designing for the car industry, we can see some inspiring designs appearing in the near future.



And these projects, we are just in awe.

Cardboard-furniture sculptures-cardbaord

Store & More packing boxes are a perfect strength and durability to create your next project. If you are inspired by our photos and are looking for even more challenging ideas, head over to to see how Australian couple Lilly Lang, Leon Mackie and their son Orson have become a viral sensation by creating their favourite movie sets out of cardboard packing boxes.

Who said you can’t make a career out of having fun with cardboard!

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