How to pack your storage unit

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Whether you need space for your building materials and tools, or you need to store your excess business documents, or you’re building a new home and are renting a smaller home in the meantime, there are many reasons why our customers store their belongings in our safe and secure Geelong storage units.

If you need to use our Geelong storage units for a few weeks or a few years, our team at Store & More want to make certain that you use your storage space effectively. Here are our top ten tips on how to pack your storage unit.

  1. Inventory – It is so important to “Make a list” of all the things you are putting in storage. If you can take photos of items that’s even better. We are all so busy and can easily forget what we put in storage and where we kept it. Keep the list on the wall inside your storage unit entrance and a copy on your phone or computer.
  2. Big Items – If you are storing furniture, surfing gear or other larger items, where possible place a blanket or protective sheet on the floor before putting them in, this helps protect them wile in Geelong Storage. We also suggest to save space you should dismantle the items where possible and keep the nuts and bolts in a small bag taped to the item. There’s nothing worse than removing items from storage and not being able to find the parts or screws.
  3. Access – It’s a great idea to place all the larger items to the back of the Geelong storage unit, then pack the unit from the back to the front, making sure you leave space for you to walk through. For items you won’t use often, place them further to the back of the unit and put useful things to the front of the unit for easier access.
  4. Shelving – Most storage units are quite high, so to make use of the space from top to bottom you may like to add shelving. This then gives you a lot more space to use the whole area, while also keeping your belongings neat and tidy. Clearly labelling of your shelving will also make it quicker for your to find items.
  5. Packaging – Using solid sturdy boxes for your items will protect them from being damaged and keep the dust away. If you pack and secure the boxes well with tape, they can also be stacked on top of one another to use your space better. It’s important to not make boxes too heavy, or place boxes on top of fragile items.
  6. Labelling – Label everything. As mentioned label your shelves and label your boxes on all sides, so you can see what’s in the box from all angles. It’s also important to label “Fragile items” to protect delicate belongings.
  7. Protection – Keep all larger or special items covered with clean blankets or sheeting to keep them clean. It’s also ideal to prop open the fridge and washing machine door to prevent mould. Before placing items in storage, make sure you also clean and dry them well. Any breakables should also be packed and wrapped carefully to prevent them from being broken.
  8. Packing Materials – At Store & More we sell a wide range of quality packing materials to safely store all your belongings. We even have specialised packing boxes, protective covers and bags for larger items including mattresses, couches and chairs.
  9. Perishables and Flammables – Do not store flammables, or food and perishables in your storage unit. This obviously is dangerous to you, your belongings and to other customers using our Geelong storage facility.
  10. Flexibility – Our storage units can be hired for short or long terms use. We also have over 17 different sized units to suit all your storage needs.

We hope these tips will help you use your storage unit effectively. For more information or to chat to one of our friendly staff, please call us on 52648448.

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