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We received this very detailed testimonial from a recent client and thought it would be worthwhile sharing it with the world.

We recently leased one storage unit at Store & More, we needed to find some space because we had closed part of our business and needed to store furniture, documents, computers and all manner of bits and pieces which had accumulated over a 14 year period. Leasing a storage unit was only one of a number of options we discussed. One option was filling our garage and leaving our cars out in the weather.

We quickly realised leasing a storage unit would be the most convenient. Who wants to spend time reshuffling boxes back and forth to make more room in the garage, besides we weren’t sure how long we would need the storage space for, two months or six months who knew?

The Store & More Process

I had never leased a unit before so was had no preceived ideas about how it would work. The moment I rang and spoke to Store & More I knew I was speaking to a well run business. A number of storage options were explained, it was also recommended for me to come down to the complex to check out the spaces for myself to make sure they would be the correct size. When I arrived they had three units ready for me to look at, once I decided on a unit we signed some paper work, I got to create my own four pin security code for access to the overall complex. This was a nice touch because it made it much easier for me to remember. The process was quick and easy, just what I needed it to be. All I needed to do was purchase a lock for my unit, they sold these also.


I think storing our stuff with you is more secure than putting it in our garage. For one you have a pretty damn good system with the CCTV cameras set up everywhere and your security entrance. The “Good Morning Rodney” greeting when I point my security code in was a nice tough too.

Courtesy Trailer

What a brilliant idea, before I rang Store & More I had looked online and called a couple of rental place to hire a fully enclosed trailer and soon discovered it wasn’t as cheap as I thought it would be. The cost for a two days was going to be over $250. Store & More had a near identical trailer for FREE.

Easy to use LifStore-&-More-lift-8t

When I told my wife our storage unit was on the second floor, she replied “Why did you get one on the second floor, I don’t want to lift all that gear up the steps.” I said you don’t have to they have a huge commercial lift. And it is exactly that huge, great idea Store & More, you had thought of everything, including trolleys of a variety of shapes.

Storage Boxes

I really liked how you had everything in the one spot, storage boxes, tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap.


From start to finish Store & More had thought of everything, thank you so much for having such an efficient business. It really made a tedious and tiresome job a whole lot more enjoyable. This is why I decided to write this long email, sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until we experience what we don’t. Also I have attached some images from the job, the kids loved helping and loved taking it in turns pressing the buttons for the lift.

Great Job,

The Brown Family

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