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Our world is full of weird and wonderful people.  Some people just can’t bring themselves to through away anything, they are called hoarders, they suffer from an affliction which is now known as the “hoarding disorder”.

People who can’t bear to throw things away really do have brains that work differently, claim researchers. Brain scans confirm that victims of hoarding disorder have abnormal activity in regions of the brain involved in decision making – particularly in what to do with objects that belong to them. Hoarders not only collect too many things, they feel unable to throw them out even if they’re useless.

A new US study shows for the first time that a particular brain region becomes over-active when hoarders are asked to dispose of their own possessions. However, the same part of the brain is under-active when hoarders are asked what to do about items not belonging to them. The study suggests hoarding disorder exists in its own right, and is not just a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) as doctor have long thought.

However you view this disorder Store and More has the space to help those with this unfortunate disorder, give us a call we have plenty of space for your precious possessions.

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