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So you are moving house, we’ve heard the saying that moving house for many people is one of the most stressful things a person can go through.  We don’t necessarily agree with this, because we work with many people who are moving house and most while being tiring are quite excited about the shift.  In our area of the world along the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula we are seeing massive growth. The sea-change epidemic which started back in the late nineties is still continuing. We continue to be the fasted growing region in regional Victoria, particularly the Torquay, Armstrong Creek and Warralily residential developments.

Anyway being the kind people we are at Store & More we would like to make your move much easier. To do so we have provided you with a check list.

4-6 weeks out from your “big” moving day

  • Book your removal company.
  • Time for the pre-move clean-up, get rid of furniture, clothes or other items you have not used for years. Remember charities, friends and family may appreciate your pre-loved goods. Or organise a garage sale you might be surprised how much money you can make with your unwanted goods. You don’t want to pay to move those items.
  • Don’t forgot to sort through your garage / garden shed, down the side of the house. The new owners of your house don’t want to inherit your rubbish.
  • List your most fragile and precious items for the removalist, do this before you get a quote to avoid an awkward.
  • This may seem obvious but sort through your kitchen cupboards, use up all opened packets and throw out goods past their use-by-date.
  • Gas cylinders and air bottles should be empty with valves open, flammable liquids safely disposed of.
  • Frozen foods generally don’t travel well so start planning your meals around using all the food in freezer.
  • Create a folder for all your moving documents.
  • Do you have children? If you do, organise schooling, preschool transfers and uniforms for your children if required.
  • If you are moving overseas remember passports, tickets, visas etc.

If you are packing your valuables yourself

  • Purchase cartons and packing material Store & More can help with this, click for more information.
  • When wrapping your valuables try to use clean white paper instead for newspaper, the ink on newspapers will rub onto just about anything it touches.
  • If you are packing your items over a period of time it is important to label every carton clearly as to contents and its room destination. You may think you have a good memory but after you have packed 25 boxes everything will start to blend together.
  • To save on space dismantle furniture that comes apart – remember to tape screws etc in an obvious location or label and place in an “ESSENTIALS” carton.
  • Prepare an inventory list of each carton, this will make the unpacking at the other end much easier.
  • Pack lighter items in large cartons, heavier items in small cartons, you don’t want to sour the move by hurting your back trying to lift a 30 kg box.

2-3 weeks to moving day

  • Contact family and friends and all relevant authorities to notify of your new address.
  • If you have ever moved before the next recommendation is important: Arrange for family or friends to mind children and pets on moving day, you will thank us after.
  • Arrange transfer of bank accounts.
  • Organise telephone, internet, gas, electricity, Foxtel connections and cross your fingers they do exactly what you ask them to do.
  • Do you have a boat, caravan, motorbikes? If you do arrange to have moved at an earlier time and perhaps stored in a location near to where your new house is. If you are moving to the Surf Coast or Bellarine area then give Store & More a call on Torquay: 03 5264 8448 | Ocean Grove: 03 5256 2992.

7 days to the big day

  • Pack your bed linen and towels into a box which can be easily accessed so you can set your bed up and have a shower on the first night.
  • Put together a plan of roughly where you want your furniture to go in your new home, give this to the removalist, this will save quite a bit of time.
  • So your indoor plants will survive the trip they should be lightly watered and packed into plastic lined boxes.
  • Cancel newspaper, milk and other deliveries.
  • If you have purchased or built a new home, ensure you have a final inspection the day before settlement to ensure the home is as you bought it and the fittings and fixtures outlined in the contract remain.
  • Redirect mail through local Post Office.
  • Here is a good tip, prepare an ‘Essentials’ box which contains important items such as remote controls,  keys, phone/tablet/laptop chargers, telephone handset, furniture assembly instructions and any other relevant information which you will need to lay your hands on easily when you arrive at your new house.

The penultimate day (the day before)

  • If scheduled, professional packers will arrive to pack up your household. Make sure you leave out essential items for that evening and the following morning.
  • Defrost, empty, dry out and air your refrigerator(s).
  • If you are feeling friendly leave a welcoming note with all relevant information for the new resident. Remember to include your new address and telephone numbers, just in case they need to get in contact with you because they found something which could belong to you.
  • Pack your bags and boxes you wish to take yourself.

The BIG day “Moving Day”

  • Moving is a busy day, let your friends know you will be quite busy and long good byes will not be all that helpful today.
  • Pack let-over food which need cool conditions into a esky or two.
  • If you haven’t done this already give the removal company your furniture layout for the new house.
  • If renting your old house, drop off your keys to the property managers.
  • If you have sold to new owners leave all your old keys for the real estate agent.
  • Ensure gas and electricity meters have been read and telephone disconnected.
  • Continue to check house / property for forgotten items as the removal van is being loaded.
  • Check tops of cupboards, it is amazing where some items in up.
  • DON’T forget to turn off the electricity.
  • Lock your house and remember to leave keys as specified.
  • Check all the taps around your garden and make sure they have been turned off.

Your new house

  • If you are renting your new house remember to document the condition of the property and furnishings for the appropriate agent.
  • Try to stand at the removalist’s entry point and give clear directions as to furniture placement.
  • Check all utilities are connected, hot water service on.
  • After everything has been unloaded check to make sure you goods are all in good shape, if furniture is damaged raise it with the removalist.
  • Check that you have all keys and relevant instructions to your new residence.
  • Have security checked and locks changed if concerned.
  • Contact your new local council for garbage collection information and new resident’s folders.
  • Smile and say hello to your new neighbours, even if you feel like finding a nice quiet corner and grabbing a view ZZZZZZs!

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Just in case you think moving is all “TOO HARD”.  Check out these alternatives.

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