Moving House – Hiring a removalist or moving yourself

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Moving house can be a very exciting time in your life, or it can be considered one of life’s most stressful and negative events. Packing, moving and unpacking isn’t usually something many of us look forward to, but it can be a lot easier if you know your options and you are organised from the start. One of your first options is whether you hire removalists or move yourself. Store and More is perfect for you storage Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove & Torquay needs.

Moving yourself, also know as Self-Moving, can be a fantastic way to save money, but there can be a lot more other factors to consider before choosing this option. Let us explain in more detail.

Cost – While moving your own items seems a lot more cost effective, it will all depend on your situation. Taking a few days or a few weeks off work to pack, load, move and unload all your belongings, may cost you quite a lot of money and can also mean you have a larger workload to do when you return back to work.

Time – How much time you have spare will influence the decision you make. Obviously moving house yourself is a lot more time consuming than hiring removalists. If you have minimal time and cost is not a factor, then you may also consider using a “Packing Service”. Packing services professionally pack your belongings. They have experience and training to do this safely and efficiently and provide all the packing supplies too.

Hiring Your Own Moving Truck – Although it is becoming more popular to move items in your car or trailer, this can be extremely time consuming and of course is not an option if you have very large items of furniture that just won’t fit in. Hiring your own moving truck is a great way to move your items, but before you consider this please ring a few truck rental companies to get a quote, as the cost of hiring the truck, the petrol money, the liability and excess with insurance if the truck is damaged, any possible toll fees and the rental cost of hiring additional equipment such as moving trolleys, can make it not as affordable as you think.

Your Belongings – If you don’t have a lot of items and you feel comfortable packing, loading and unloading them yourself, then hiring your own truck or van may work for you. Please view our “Hire our Van” page for more information. But if you have a lot of heavy items, such as bikes, furniture and many boxes of belongings, then hiring professional removalists may be a more suitable option.

Distance – If your move is nearby then it may be more profitable to move yourself. A few of my friends have rallied together to help each other move short distances, but again this depends if you have smaller lighter loads and can manage the amount of time this can take. It also depends how much help you have. Store & More’s facility offer solutions for storage Barwon Heads and surrounding locations – enjoy the peace of mind you need.

Help – If you have a lot of family and friends that are keen to help you move house, then doing it yourself could be ideal. The more hands, the easier moving can be. Although if you have lots of people helping, then you also need to very organised with clear labelling of your items, not just to explain where to unpack the boxes at your new home, but also to warn people when they are carrying fragile and special items, as things can be quite awkward if something gets accidentally broken.

Store & More – Our storage facilities in Ocean Grove and Torquay provide secure long term and short term storage. The facilities also service other surround areas including storage Barwon Heads, Queenscliff and Drysdale.  This can be of great benefit to you if you need to store some of your belongings while moving. At Store and More we also have a free courtesy trailer to help you move and we stock a wide range of packing supplies to pack and protect your items.

Hire our Van – If you decide to move yourself then we can help. We have a good size van you can hire which will get the job done. For more information please visit our “Hire our Van” page.

If you require more information about moving house and storage or packing, then please call us on 5256 2992.

Store & Move have a FREE courtesy trailer for tenants to use. We also have a Van you can hire.

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