Parking your Caravan in Geelong & the Surf Coast

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The popularity of caravanning is increasing and with over 11.6 million trips taken across Australia in 2017, it doesn’t look like this will reduce. With the increase of caravan owners means that many people are searching for parking spaces, or need a place to store and park their prized possession. Luckily, Store & More Self Storage Geelong offers caravan storage.

Storage facilities such as Store & More Self Storage Geelong, Torquay and Ocean Grove are ideal for long and short term caravan storage, although some people consider parking or storing their caravans at home or in the street. This may not always be ideal and  may even be considered illegal, so let us explain some caravan parking rules in Geelong and along the Surf Coast.

Parking in Your Driveway

Vic Roads and Local Councils such as Geelong City Council and the Surf Coast Shire, have strict laws and guidelines about where you can and can’t park your caravan. Parking across your driveway and blocking any part of the footpath is illegal and you can be immediately fined. Your property ends at the building line, so if any part of your caravan is overhanging the footpath or the street, then you are breaking the law. If you can’t park your caravan here, contact the Store & More Self Storage Geelong facility and ask about their caravan storage option.

Parking on Your Nature Strip

Your nature strip is owned by your local Council and many Shires have laws and parking regulations stating that you can not park on the nature strip. If you are packing your caravan for a holiday, then make sure you only park it in your yard,. You must also only park your van where you are not blocking traffic, pedestrians or your neighbours driveways and you must abide by all traffic laws and signage.


Parking on the Street

It is illegal to park a vehicle over 7.5 metres in a built up area for more than one hour, this can apply to your caravan. It is also illegal to park over more than one car parking space and cars towing caravans tend not to fit in one standard car parking space. More Councils are starting to provide larger designated car parking spaces at Information Centres or around Shopping Centres, so please look for these during your travels. Please also be aware that caravans may not be covered by insurance if parked on the street, so it may not be worth the risk even if it’s in the short term.

Housing Estates

When you purchase a new home, it is definitely worth gaining information about parking your caravan. Many new housing estates have strict rules stating that caravans can not be parked in your front yard, or on the street at any time. Some housing estates are also selling smaller blocks where the garages are closer to the roads, meaning there is no room for your caravan. They also can have narrower roads so it is very difficult to reverse or turn your caravan around.

Sleeping in Your Caravan

In Geelong and around the Surf Coast Shire it is illegal to sleep in your car or caravan on the side of the ride, or in car parks. You will even notice many signs stating this, especially along the Great Ocean Road. There are a number of caravan parks in Geelong and in places such as Torquay and Anglesea which offer suitable accommodation and are a much safer option too.

It can also be illegal to sleep in your caravan if it is on a vacant block of land, many Shire have laws completely against this, while some Councils may require a permit.

So before you park or store your caravan, please be aware of the above information and the local laws where you are living or travelling, as they can vary from Shire to Shire. At Store & More Self Storage Geelong, we provide secure long and short term storage for caravans, motor homes, camper vans , camper trailers and RV’s, so please call us on 5264 8448 if you would like to discuss our options.

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