Preparing your home for Sale in Geelong and the Surf Coast

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The property market in Geelong and along the Surf Coast is booming and now that Spring has arrived, it’s the perfect time of the year to sell your home. The weather is warming up, flowers are in bloom and many people are looking for a “sea change” and to get settled before a new year starts. Although before you decide to sell, to best prepare for sale we suggest doing some important maintenance and decluttering to give your beautiful home the best chance of standing out from the crowd!

Preparing Inside Your Home

  • Declutter – We have many customers ringing our Store and More offices in Ocean Grove and Torquay when selling their home, asking about storing their furniture, surfboards, toys, bikes and other large items, especially to make their home look a lot more spacious. Our storage units are available for short and long term storage. By decluttering your home and making your rooms and garage look more spacious, helps potential buyers to visualise the space and allows them to envision where they can put their own furniture and belongings.
  • Cleaning – Give your entire home a clean from top to bottom. This means remove cobwebs, polish chrome taps and sinks, vacuum, mop, clear benches, sort book shelves and declutter shelving and cupboards. If you think a garage sale would help with selling unwanted items, then organise this a few weeks before your sale. The extra money could also be beneficial in selling your home.
  • Bathrooms – You can spruce up your bathroom by doing a full clean including dusting light fittings, cleaning mirrors and windows, fixing leaking taps and re-caulking any mouldy or loose tiles in the shower and around the recess (you may need a professional for these). By also coordinating towels and hand towel colours and buying scented candles, will also give your bathroom a great first impression.
  • Bedrooms – The bedrooms can be a relaxing quiet haven for many people, so it’s important to prepare them the best way you can. Replace broken and faded blinds and furnishings, clean and clear out walk in robes, hide extra belongings in cupboards and replace light globes that are not working. To make your beds look extra cosy, add soft furnishings such as extra pillows, a throw rug, or even a new doona cover or bedspread.
  • Living Room – By decluttering your living areas and removing any extra furniture, creates more space and allow buyers to add their own personal touch, especially if they have a large dining setting or lounge suite. To brighten up your living room you can also add fresh flowers in vases and indoor plants, also open blinds and curtains as this allows in more natural light.

Preparing Outside Your Home

  • Maintenance – Your front area is the first thing potential buyers see, so mow and trim your lawns, clean your driveway and paths, trim bushes, weed and mulch your garden and plant some coloured flowers. Also make sure your house number is easily seen and is in great condition.
  • Painting – There is an added cost to painting the outside of your home, but your home’s value can also increase by doing this. You may also want to paint some areas inside your home too, neutral colours are always ideal.
  • Entrance Area – Stand at your front door, does it look welcoming? If not buy a new “Welcome Mat”, add some plants and flowers and sweep away all the dust and leaves.

We hope these suggestions help prepare your home for sale. Our staff are also experts when it comes to storing your precious items, so please call our Torquay office on 52648448 or Ocean Grove on 52562992.


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