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You finally have the business of your dreams, you have worked many years, had many late nights, it’s been stressful but all worth it. You have worked from home and now finally you have moved into your own commercial premises and everything is going well. But then you arrive one day at work to find someone has broken into your building and stolen everything you have worked so hard for, you are gutted!

Sadly this is happening more and more to business owners. With crime rates in Geelong West up by 146% the past year, and along the Surf Coast in Torquay up by 46%, securing your premises has never been more important.

So we thought we could help by sharing with you some of our top security tips.

Lock Your Doors & Windows – This may seem like a simple solution, but we can sometimes be complacent in our beautiful laid back seaside towns. Most burglaries occur from unlocked cars, buildings and homes, so it’s time to lock up everything. Invest in heavy duty doors and windows, use high graded security lock such as double cylinder deadlocks, or smart locks with code entry; and install metal lock guards for extra protection.


The door handle on the left was broken into, hard to tell isn’t it, but it is true. The only signs of a break-in was a small scratch and some damage to the draft seal and of course what the robbers stole from the inside. The same door handle on the right has a heavy duty steel protector which will now make it very difficult to get leverage to open the door. For the cost of $30 this piece of steel could be the difference between the robber moving to an easier premises.

Store Keys Safely – Gone are the days when it was okay to place keys under the pot plant or doormat. Always keep your keys in a secure place and inform staff who have a set of keys to do the same.

Adequate Lighting – If you improve the lighting inside and outside of your building, this can help deter potential criminals. There are a great range of lighting options available, from motion detector sensing lights, to more high tech options such as network enabled devices connected to a monitoring service.

Alarms – Although there are of course added costs when installing an alarm, being burgled can cost you a lot more in loss of items, damage to your premises and the cost of interruption to your business. Canstar states that “The average costs of a burglary in Australia is $2400“, so investing in an alarm is a wise option. For added security a 24 hour monitored alarm is the best option.

Video Surveillance – Installing video cameras is a huge deterrent for burglars. No one wants their “5 minutes of fame” shown across Australia on Crime Stoppers. Video surveillance can be monitored through a company, or you can monitor it yourself via your computer, mobile phone or a TV unit.

Social Media – Whether it’s on your website, your Facebook page or via any other social medium, please be aware of what your write and post. Telling people your business is closed for an extended time, or posting images celebrating a Christmas function, lets people know that your business is unoccupied. It’s a great idea to inform clients of your change in opening times, but strangers don’t always need to know.

Insurance – With recent reports stating that “7 out of 10 Australians are under insured”, it’s time to have another look at your business insurance. Having the right insurance can make or break you at your highest time of need. It is worth spending the time to value all the contents in your office and that of your staff, especially if they have personal belongings (ie laptops) left on the premises.

Secure Storage – If you are needing more secure space, or have valuables and want the best protection, please call us on 5264 8448. At Store and More we provide the highest quality secure storage for your long term or short term needs. Our storage units are equipped with secure electronic keypad access,  individually alarmed and are monitored by 24 hour video surveillance systems.

There were some recent thefts from commercial/industrial premises in Torquay. Three premises were broken into in one night, there were two rows of identical buildings, the only premises left alone were the one with alarms and the ones which you could not see anything to steel from looking through the front window. What we can learn from this are two things: 1. Alarms are a deterrent. 2. A robber can’t steal what they can’t see or don’t know is there.  

No one wants to be burgled, so we hope these helpful tips reduce your chances of this ever happening to you!

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