Self Storage Security Features

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Security is essential when finding Self Storage in Geelong. A self-storage facility, like Store and More allows tenants to rent space to store their valuables. You want to keep your possessions somewhere you know security is good to avoid loss. The list below explains what you should look for:

Security Camera

  1. Security Cameras
    It is essential to settle for a facility that offers Self Storage in Geelong with enough cameras that survey 24 hours. The cameras are an assurance any potential crime will be recorded, and police will retrieve your property. A self-storage facility that invests in security cameras values its tenants valuable, a good safety sign. The facility you select needs to have support from a well-known security company.
  2. Alarm System
    Security cameras are not enough on their own. Having an alarm system in the self-storage facility is an advantage. An alarm system helps get alarmed the security personnel of the facility when someone accesses the facility inappropriately. Such an approach keeps away people with the wrong intention and allows the facility’s access to be guarded, keeping peoples’ valuables safe.
  3. Fence and Coded Access
    A proper fence in a Self Storage Geelong facility is essential. You have to check the safety of the wall in the facility you choose to seek storage. The wall has to be durable and safe to prevent inappropriate people from accessing it. Coded access of the facility will also ensure the right people are accessing the facility when needed. Having a code at the gate and accessing the inner premises confirms only the facility tenants access the storage units minimising theft.
  4. Proper Locks
    You have to examine the locks in the self-storage facility. Having proper locks will give you the assurance you need that your properties are safe. Having a good lock gives potential thieves a difficult time when trying to break into a unit. A lock that takes time to break will help catch a thief on time with a proper alarm system connected. Disc locks are an excellent example of a secure lock that is not easy to break, unlike ordinary padlocks that thieves can break in a few minutes.
  5. A Security Personnel
    Having someone who monitors the self-storage facility is also important. The importance of having someone on-site in the facility is in case of emergencies, there will be someone to work with the police to set things straight and check security cameras when investigating.
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