Selling Your house Tip No.1:

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De-cluttering your house

Did you know by de-cluttering your house you can make your house look bigger, which is quite relevant if you are trying to make your house look more spacious then it actually is.  The same philosophy is true for the exterior of your house, if you have a small back yard or live in a townhouse with only a small court yard, then un-cluttering these areas will make them look more spacious.

Worldly Possessions

We understand your collection of stuffed animals is important to you, all 693 of them. But if they take up half of your living area then perhaps you should store them away in a nice dry location while you sell you house. Your real estate agent will be very thankful, it will make their job so much easier.

Real estate agents routinely recommend that sellers ‘de-clutter’ their homes to achieve the more spacious appearance.  Some home owners even go to the extreme of storing everything they own and renting newer, more modern furniture and plants just for the sale period.

Other reasons for de-cluttering your home:
  • less to clean
  • less to insure
  • allows room for a pool table (maybe not everyone’s dream idea)
  • you realise the floor in your house is polished timber and don’t need to buy that vacuum cleaner after all.


If you find your house has become a little cluttered then don’t despair simply look up your local Self Storage business and hire a room for the time it takes to sell your house.  Who knows you may like your new minimal look and find yourself sticking with it for you new house.

cluttered room 3

These two examples show just how hectic and busy a room can look when we add nick-nacks. While it is perfectly normal to have this type of clutter in your house it is not recommended when selling your house.

cluttered room 2

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