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Intermodal containers which are more widely known as shipping containers, have been used for freight transport for more than 150 years. Originally used on the railways as portable storage, by the 1930’s they became more widely used for country to country transport across sea and land.

More recently shipping containers have had a huge increase in popularity and are being used for everything from home storage, furniture storage, portable workshops and offices, to award winning architecturally designed homes and commercial buildings.

Below are a few examples of how shipping containers have been used in buildings.

The images below show the amazing versatility and practicality of shipping containers. These days it seems they are being used more frequently for architecture and storage, than they are for actual shipping!


shipping-container-grand-design-house shipping-container-designer-house box-office-providence-building-shipping-containers

Shipping containers have become appealing for many reasons. They are cost effective by being a lot more affordable than traditional brick, wood and mortar homes and buildings, they are eco-friendly by reusing existing materials, with a standard shipping container recycling around 3000kg of steel. Another great reason why shipping containers are used is that they can be built quickly, as they already have the walls, roof and flooring made. They are also durable, as they have been designed to resist harsh climates (perfect for protecting items from the harsh Geelong and Surf Coast sea air) and they are stackable, therefore they are perfectly adapted for secure storage of items.

Shipping containers used as pools

shipping-container-pool shipping-container-pool-2

Shipping container storage is a fantastic way to safely store items you are not needing in the short term, or your contents during a residential or office move, storing the dream car you’ve always wanted to restore, storing your motorbike and bicycles, or any item of value, especially if you are planning on going away on holidays; the possibilities are endless.

A 20 foot shipping container with 33m3 of internal space, can be used to store the contents of an average 2-3 bedroom home and with the cost of purchasing a second hand shipping container starting from $1,500, it’s a wonderful cost-effective way to know your items are kept safe and secure.

At Store and More we provide a secure outdoor environment with 24 hour 7 days a week security, for shipping container storage of any size. Storage can be short term or long term and is available in both our Torquay and Ocean Grove facilities. So please give us a call on 5264 8448 and let us help you with all your storage needs.

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