Practical storage advice that will help save you time and money.

When you are storing valuables it is important to be aware of how you should protect them when they are in storage, the following advice could help you save thousands of dollars worth damage.

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Storing Desktop Computers & Laptops

If you have the original boxes and packing materials we recommend you reuse them. However bubble wrap and good quality cartons will also do the job.

Storing Battery Operated Items & Toys

Remove all batteries to avoid damage from leaking acids.

Metallic Items (Silverware, etc)
Wrap silverware in non-acid tissue paper or store in plastic bags to reduce tarnishing.Wipe chrome and cast iron items in a cloth impregnated with a little machine oil to retard rust.
Storing Mowers and Machinery

Drain fuel and oil to reduce the risk of damage to other goods and avoid a possible fire hazard. Please place an old carpet or cardboard under the items.

Storing Televisions, Audio & Video Equipment

If you kept the original boxes and packing material reuse them. Otherwise bubble wrap the items individually and store them in sealed cartons, remembering to fill the gaps with packing to prevent movement.

Storing Windows, Screens, Mirrors & Paintings

Protect these items with packing material like bubble wrap and store them on their edges.

Packing and Storing Dishes & Glassware

Use a layer of packing at the top and bottom of cartons containing breakables. Individually wrap items in packing paper (newspapers work fine) label all cartons containing breakables, don’t place heavy items on top of each other.

Storing Furniture, Mattresses etc.

Cover mattresses and lounges with plastic covers, empty wardrobes, drawers and cupboards to protect shelving and framework.

Storing Appliances / White Goods

Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be clean and dry before storing, with a deodoriser inside for freshness and the door slightly ajar.

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