Preparing your boat for Storage

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At our Store & More facility in Ocean Grove and Torquay, many of our customers use our storage Geelong space for storing their recreational boats, jet skis, tinny or other larger watercraft. Our boat storage space is especially ideal for long or short term storage and provides a secure and flexible option if your storage space at home is limited. However before storing your boat, there are some important steps that you can take to ensure your boat is fully prepared for storage.

Here’s our top tips;

  • Repairs – If you boat has any damage and needs repairs, please make sure these are complete before putting into storage, then you know your boat will be all ready to go back on the water as soon as you need it.
  • Cleaning – Before placing your boat in storage Geelong it is vital that it is fully clean. Clean all external parts with a pressure washer to remove salt, barnacles and dirt build up. Clean the top, bottom, deck, hull, windscreens and hoods. Clean the floor inside, the canvas and upholstery and then make sure it’s all dry before storing. Don’t forget to remove all water from the bilge, lockers, drawers, fish holds and storage areas, so the water doesn’t go stagnant.
  • Motor – It’s important to read your boat’s manual for specific instructions on how to prepare your motor for storage Geelong. At the very least you should flush out the engine with fresh water and make sure it is fully drained, then while running the engine spray “fogging oil” to prevent against rust and corrosion. It’s also vital to clean your engine with marine grade cleaners and grease any grease points. In terms of your cooling system, drain your coolant and add antifreeze as per manufacturer’s instructions, or use a specialised flushing kit to clean it.
  • Fuel & Oil – It’s a great idea to completely fill your fuel tank up to prevent moisture build up and add a marine fuel stabilser to the fuel tank to prevent fuel from degrading. Run the engine for a few minutes to make certain it circulates. It’s also a great idea to change all your oil and fuel filters, or get professional assistance.
  • Battery – Disconnect and remove the battery as per your manual. Connect the battery to a smart charger to make sure it remains in great working order.
  • Things to Remove – To prevent mould and moisture build up in storage Geelong, remove all the things that are not fixed into your boat. Remove drive belts to prevent them from cracking, remove all food, lifejackets, fire extinguishers, flares, ropes and any other boat gear that is kept in there.
  • Cover – Always fully cover your boat including your propeller. Make sure your cover is secured tightly and won’t be removed in high winds. A specialised marine cover with also have adequate ventilation to prevent mould and moisture build up.
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Why Choose Store & More?

Our boat storage is fully secure with 24 hour, 7 days a week monitoring. You can access your boat 24/7 via arrangement and we provide a wide range of storage options including long term or short term storage.

For any further information please call us on 5264 8448.

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