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Whether you have just purchased a new home, or moving into a rental property, or requiring storage due to going on an extended holiday, or just decluttering your home for sale, it’s important to know how to pack and store your household items safely for self storage Ocean Grove. Packing your valuables the right way will save you time and prevent them from being damaged, which can also save you money in the long run.

At Store & More Self Storage Ocean Grove and Torquay we have a wide range of packing accessories available including storage boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape and more. Once you have the right packing items you can begin, although not every item can be easily packed and stored, so we would like to share some household packing tips to make your job easier!

Battery Operated Toys & Appliances – Before packing any battery operated toy or appliance, please clean the exterior of them, as mould can grow on unclean items. It is also vital to remove any batteries before packing, as batteries can leak acid and corrode your appliance and toys.

Storing Silverware – If you have any valuable silverware then ideally polishing it first will help it store longer. You can then store your polished silverware in non acidic tissue paper, or store in resealable plastic bags. Although if you use plastic bags please add in a block of chalk wrapped in cheesecloth, as the chalk will absorb any moisture.


Dishes/Glassware – Over the years many of us seem to accumulate lots of dishes and glassware, so before you begin packing you may want to sort them and consider donating any items that you have not recently used. To pack dishes and glassware firstly place bubble wrap on the base of the storage box or container, then individually wrap each item. Once finished add more bubble wrap to the top of the box and fill any excess space with more bubble wrap or paper to prevent damage during transit. Remember to also label boxes clearly with “Fragile” so you or any helpers know to be careful.

Mirrors – Are a very delicate item and are required to be packed and stored in a very delicate way. The glass should be covered with cardboard before wrapping in bubble wrap or a soft blanket. To be even more cautious you can even cover the corners with cardboard corner protectors. Once securely wrapped label “Fragile” and store the mirror upright, not flat.

TV/Audio Equipment – Before packing away your television or audio equipment such as cameras, stereos and speakers, it is important to clean the entire item to remove all the dust. Before dismantling you may also like to take a photo of the back, this helps to know where all the cords go for when you set them back up. If you have the original box and packing materials, then this is ideal, but if you have thrown them out Store & More have a wide range of packing boxes to fit. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap before placing them in the box and fill any extra spaces with more padding. Remember to also pack the cords and remotes together!

Fridge – It is important to remove all food items and shelving before packing up your fridge. Unplug cords and defrost your freezer before giving your fridge a thorough clean. Make sure your refrigerator is fully dry before putting it in storage and store your fridge upright and with the door slightly open to prevent mould when storing it in Storage Ocean Grove. Keeping shelves wrapped separately but inside your fridge is also a great idea!

We hope we have made your packing and storing of items a lot easier. Our secure Storage Ocean Grove units are available for storing all your household items in the long term, or we also have storage units available for short term storage.

Need more help or information:

Please call our Torquay store on 5264 8448 or our Ocean Grove store on 5256 2992 for any storage advice, or to purchase packing materials.

Need boxes too?

We stock a huge range of storage boxes in a variety of sizes, and don’t forget our range of packaging accessories eg. padlocks, wrapping paper, tape and protective covers.

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