Store & More Self Storage has an array of plastic protective covers and other storage protection items to help protect your important valuables from damage.

Bubble Wrap for Storage

Bubble Wrap

King Bed Mattress Storage Cover

King Bed Mattress Protective Covers

Single Bed Mattress Storage Cover

Single Bed Mattress Protective Covers

Environmentally friendly bubble wrap made with low density Polyethylene resins. Our bubble wrap is non abrasive and caters well as an all purpose packaging solution.

Our King Bed Mattress Covers offer protection from, dirt, dust and water. The covers are easy to handle slip on solutions which can be used multiple times.

 Our Single Bed Mattress Covers offer the same superior protection as our King Size protectors. Our covers are durable, easy slip on and can be used multiple times.

Lounge Chair Storage Cover

Lounge Chair Protective Covers

Dining Chair Storage Cover

Dining Chair Protective Covers

3 Seater Lounge Storage Cover

3 Seater Lounge Protective Covers

Our Lounge / Chair covers are perfect for keeping your lounge suites or other bulky items safe from dirt, dust and liquids. An easy slip-on solution that can be sealed with tape, and free from chemicals that leave powdered residue.

Our reusable Dining chair covers will help keep away dust and liquids. Quick and easy to slip over and tape up, Dining chair covers will protect your set for many meals to come.

A larger version of our Standard Lounge Cover, our 3 Seater Lounge covers will protect your bigger lounge suites or other bulky items safe from dirt, dust and water. An easy slip-on solution and free from chemicals that leave powdered residue.

Store and More Packing Paper

Packing Paper (2.5kg and 5.0kg packs)


Heavy Duty Storage Blankets


Premium Heavy Duty Storage Blankets

Our versatile packing paper is available in two package sizes and are great for all items that need a little extra protection. Our packing paper is food grade so rest assured that no nasty chemicals will be lining your cups and saucers when packing.

Our heavy duty storage blankets offer great protection for those larger furniture items that can bump, dint or scratch. Used by professional removalists Australia wide, storage blankets are a must have for any moving situation.

Our premium heavy duty storage blankets are a robust and have reinforced seems for extra hardiness. These high quality blankets offer amazing protection to any bumps or bruises that may happen in the process of moving.

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