Store & More Self Storage offers a range of storage boxes to help make your move smooth with less chance of damage to your goods.

Tea Chest Storage Box with Logo

Tea Chest Cartons

431mm x 406mm x 596mm
104 Litres

Wine and Book Storage Box with Logo

Book / Wine Carton

406mm x 298mm x 431mm

Crystal Carton Storage Box with Logo

Crystal Carton

403mm x 301mm x 330mm
55 Litres

A quite large carton suitable for pillows, blankets, clothing and odd furniture. Heavy duty has a double cardboard wall making it suitable for more fragile items, moving house and long term storage.

 This is a robust solution for storing and moving wine. The box has a twin cushion and the inserts accommodate wine bottles neatly and safely. The box accommodates many wine bottle varieties with 12 standard bottle capacity.

 Crystal Cartons are the prefect solution suited to storing fragile crockery and glassware. The heavy cardboard inserts are adjustable to suit to size.

Archive Storage Box with Logo

Picture Carton

1040mm x 775mm x 75mm
60 Litres.

Monitor Storage Box with Logo

Monitor Carton

500mm x 500mm x 500mm
40 Litres

Monitor Storage Box with Logo

Large Cube Carton

625mm x 625mm x 625mm
125 Litres

The Picture Carton is the perfect answer to protect framed pictures and paintings from knocking and the elements. The Picture Carton also is a great alternative for plasma, LCD and LED television panels.

Designed to fit most computer monitor displays. Moving or storing your monitor in a box will protect it from damage. Monitors are easily damaged during transit because they have a small unstable base, which makes them easy to topple over.

Large Cube Box is suitable for a range of large and awkward items and is light duty with a double wall for short move and less fragile items.

Artwork Storage Box with Logo

Archive Boxes

390mm x 306mm x 260mm
31 Litres

Robe Cardboard Storage with Logo

Port-a-Robe with Rail

594mm x 476mm x 1099mm

Boxes Accessories

Plus Much More…

We have a huge range in stock.

This strong long lasting Archive Carton is superior to most light boxes, which means your archives are easier to handle, retrieve and use. The unique fold design gives superior strength for long term use. 7 year money back guarantee.

Store and More’s Portable Robe is a ready-to-hang solution for all your valuable clothing. The built-in rail accommodates for coat hangers, and handles make it easier to carry and transport.

For more information and best advice on helping you pack, don’t hesitate to give us a call and come and visit us at Torquay or Ocean Grove.

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