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There is money to be made in just about anything. The word “Ephemera” means – things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. Funny then, that these items over time become collectible. Ephemera also means – collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity.

Think of oil cans, tins, packaging, magazines, newspapers and bottles, all these devices were designed to do a job. I’m sure the designers of these products never expected they would one day be so sort after by collectors. One of the beautiful things about being a collector is the chase, the mystery of not knowing what awaits in the next garage sale or car boot market.

For the seasoned collector, the years of the chase creates a wonderful collection accompanied by many interested stories. The reality is though that these every day items would’ve found themselves at the tip without the foresight or perhaps laziness of people who decided to store them away. The fact that many of these items managed to stay alive for decades without being disposed of is a victory in itself.

Much of their durability would’ve been just plain luck. But for a few smart people out there, luck played no part. There are people who pick and choose these items banking on them being valuable in the future. They store them away for future gains, if you are interested in doing the same. Here are some tips to help you store these items.

  1. Store with all original boxes, this will make the item more valuable. I know you can store more if you remove the packaging but don’t.
  2. Keep the receipts to prove the date of purchase, the receipt can become an interesting collectable in its own right. Put the receipt in the box, or at the very least store it with the product.
  3. Keep a list of what you have stored, the professional term is an “Inventory”. Depending on how much you collect you will have trouble remembered what you have put away and where.
  4. Where to store you goods is extremely important, keep them in a dry area. Sitting them on the concrete floor of your garage will not keep the moisture out. Eventually the moisture will have an effect on timber boxes, certainly on cardboard boxes and overtime metal boxes. Remember we are talking about storing these goods for decades not just months or years.
  5. Keep the bugs out, make sure your boxes are pretty tight. Bugs are small and can get through areas you think are pretty air tight. Silverfish and moths are renowned for ruining clothes and paper stored for extended periods of time. It is worthwhile checking your stored items regularly to make sure they have not been affected.
  6. Control the climate, if you store your collectibles in your garage in Victoria the temperature through out the year can vary from -10 to 45 degrees, with a huge range in humidity. Then in Queensland the humidity is high nearly all year round which results in a lot of condensation.

This list is more of a starting point, but if you are serious about storing potential collectibles or storing your aged and valuable collectibles it is worth doing the research. Of course if your live in the Geelong, Torquay, Ocean Grove and Surf Coast region you can drop in and have a look at our storage options.  

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