Tiny Homes – A View of the Future

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Whether you are thinking about building your own home from the foundation up or you are planning on purchasing something partially or completed pre-made, there are lists of budget-friendly tiny houses that prove anything is possible. Even if you only have a tight budget to work with, you too can create a tiny little haven for yourself and your family! If you have a higher budget, you can build a more luxury tiny home with top of the line appliances and custom cabinets.

Tiny Pin-Up Homes

A tiny pin-up home on a field

There are many tiny homes depending on your budget. For a low budget tiny homes, you can purchase plans for $300.00 or less and build a “Pin-Up” Tiny house or “Tiny Cabin” which is built to order and complete with a loft and porch all for under $8000.00. There are also plans on Etsy and Pinterest for as low as $20.00.

Depending on where you are you could construct a tiny home using a concrete pier foundation which saves damage to the ground and using light clay straw insulation, both of which are cost effective. These types of tiny houses use solar panels for electricity and wood stoves for heat, and the floors and ceilings are constructed with reclaimed wood. Because of many materials using a Self Storage Geelong to store your materials is helpful. They are alarmed and made of solid brick. They also come in a variety of sizing, depending on how big your tiny home will be. The Self Storage Geelong can also provide shelving and storage containers.

Pre-Made Tiny Homes

A couple viewing a pre-made tiny home

Higher budgets allow you to purchase Pre-Made tiny homes with built-in plumbing and electrical/heat for $15,000.00 or better.

Again, using a Self Storage Geelong to house all these supplies would be a great asset, especially if you have high ticket appliances/materials you can feel confident that they would be safe and secure in the Self Storage Geelong.

Start from a Tiny House Shell

An empty tiny house shell

If you don’t want the hassle of starting from scratch, you could purchase a tiny house shell that has the outside finished and inside unfinished. The shell comes with a complete exterior. All the grunt work is taken care of by the builder. The gas, water, electric, and sewer lines are all pre-installed.

The interior is unfinished. You get to customise the inside of your tiny home on your own, for a lot less than what a professional builder would charge.

Remember if your house is on wheels you need to have a vehicle that will tow it and being prepared to pay upwards of $500.0 per month at RV parks. If you prefer to have a stand-alone, you could just buy land at either an RV park or another private area.

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