Tips on Storing Wine

Since the early 1820’s Australians have been cultivating and selling wine; and with Australians consuming more than 530 million litres annually, we’ve become very good at drinking wine too! Store and More is a self storage facility that can keep your wine in perfect condition – storage Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove & Torquay.

Although many of us just enjoy a social glass of wine with friends, there are many wine connoisseurs who have an extensive wine collection. At our Store and More facilities in Ocean Grove and Torquay, we have clients who store their prized wine collection in our storage units. Our storage units provide the right conditions for long term wine storage and also allow our customers to know their wine is kept securely and are accessible to them at any time.

If you have a wine collection or you are wanting to begin collecting, it’s important to know how to store your wine. Your wine is too valuable to risk damage from poor storage, so let us provide you with some helpful tips about wine storage.

  • Light – Store wine away from direct light. Sunlight can prematurely age your wine, so wine is best stored in complete darkness.

  • Temperature – Wine must not be stored in too cold or too hot temperatures. The ideal temperature is around 12-13 degrees. Therefore your fridge is not ideal for long term storage. It is also important to keep wine at a constant temperature. If wine is stored in fluctuating temperatures this can spoil the wine.

  • Humidity – The ideal humidity for storing wine is between 65% and 75%. If wine is stored in an area that is too damp, then this can promote mould growth. The same goes if the environment is too dry, as this can dry out the cork which can allow oxygen to enter the bottle and damage the wine flavour.

  • Bottle Position – It has always been advised to store wine on the side, which is still true for wine with corks. By lying the wine on it’s side means the wine (liquid) stays against the cork which keeps the cork moist and prevents it from drying out and becoming “corked”. Corked wine means the wine becomes contaminated with cork taint, which affects the wine taste and smell. Although these days some wine is available with screw caps or plastic corks, which means side storage is not always necessary for these bottles.

  • No Movement – Wine is best stored without any movement or vibrations. If wine is moved regularly, then this can disturb the sediment which can affect the wine’s taste.

If you’re looking for storage Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove or Torquay – look no further than Store and More


If you are keen on developing your wine collection, then we hope these tips have helped. It’s also worth noting that some wines do not benefit from long term storage. Many high quality red wines benefit from maturing, but a majority of white wine is intended to be consumed within 2 years.

For more information about wine storage, please call our Ocean Grove office on 5256 2992 or our Torquay facility on 5264 8448, we are always willing to help!

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