Where to Travel for a Tropical Christmas

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Christmas on the beach sounds like absolute heaven for many people. Relaxing on the sand, swimming in turquoise waters and admiring the view is one way to getaway and enjoy the holiday season. Many people are also looking for options that allow them to place things in Storage Drysdale while they explore the world. You’ll find a lot of options that let you celebrate the holiday in style. There are many places in the tropics that hold to traditional Christmas celebrate and yet also provide you with a less formal place to enjoy on that much needed holiday break.

Boracay Island, Philippines

Aerial view of Boracay Island, Phillippines

The Philippines are a short flight away from much of Australia. You can take your things to Store and More Storage Drysdale to keep them secure and get on a plane for a quick hop. Boracay Island is a gem of a place. It’s small but easily accessible from the mainland. This one is for the romantics who love the idea of plenty of time with a loved one and it’s also one place that won’t bust your budget. Have a fantastic Christmas meal and let the waters of the island help you leave your stress behind.

Cape Verde

View of Cape Verde Cliffs and Ocean

Cape Verde is a lush independent nation that sprawls off the coast of Africa. One of the economy’s mainstays is tourism so you’ll find many places to stay and enjoy a time of utter relaxation. Volcanoes dot the islands so you can see them up close and get a feel for the earth. The warm waters here allow for days of swimming and plenty of other water related activities. Wine is produced in many microbreweries on the islands so have a glass.


Colourful building and view of ocean

Owned by The Netherlands, Curaçao is a piece of Europe set in the Caribbean. You’ll find incredible architecture that makes you think you’re strolling the streets of Amsterdam. The food here comes alive at Christmas with Dutch specialties that have a Caribbean twist. When you’re done sampling the food and exploring the town, the beaches are right there. Pull up a chair in the sands and have a drink. The whole family can come here for a place that lets them enjoy the sun and yet has a marvellous history. It’s an easy trip from many nearby South American countries.

Key West

Colourful homes on the water with palm trees

The southernmost point in the continental United States, Key West is well worth taking your bathing suit from Storage Drysdale and seeing in person. It’s a frequent part of cruise destinations so you will find lots of boats that dock here. If you want to travel on your own, it’s well connected with the rest of Florida. Bring your car down the keys. You’re past hurricane season so there’s no need to worry about the potential for a bad storm. The delights include tropical cuisine and museums like Hemingway’s House. Have a plate of fresh seafood and make a Christmas toast.

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