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International travel has many benefits. This is a chance to connect with nature again and to see the many corners of the world. If you’re thinking about places to travel, you’ll find many places to pick from. Think about what you like to do. You can put your items in Storage Drysdale as you make plans to see these incredible destinations. Places like Bolivia and Iceland offer lots of chances to see sometimes overlooked parts of the globe that are worthy of your attention. You’ll want to make the most of your time off with these destinations.


an indigenous bolivian standing on mount huayna in bolivia

Landlocked Bolivia is one corner of South America you won’t want to pass by for a vacation destination. La Paz is a filled with charming shops and a unique culture. Other attractions beyond the capital city await. There’s the largest salt flats anywhere on earth. Their shimmering features stretch for kilometers making them a sight that you can take in from many angles. This is a land that invites you to enjoy it with every one of your senses. It’s an excellent place to kick your heels back and let the entire region wash over you.


This tiny island nation offers so much to any modern travel. This is the perfect place to take your cold weather equipment from Storage Drysdale and have a cool time. The colder weather is a good place to be if you’re someone who loves to engage in winter sports. You’ll also find wonderful places to warm up. The famous hot springs are not to be missed. Think about renting a car so you can get around. The Ring Road can bring you around the country. Stop where you like and take some incredible pictures to show off your devotion to interesting countries.

St Petersburg, Russia

Russia’s second largest city is home to millions of people. Only a three hour drive from Finland, it’s the place to learn all about Russian history. You’re going to want to take the time to see as many of the three hundred islands as you can. Water gear from your Storage Drysdale allows you to relax as enjoy the view while you still stay warm. The lively city means plenty of chances to spend your days touring some of the best museums in the world and those long nights delighting in the summer sunshine. Stopping by The Hermitage is essential.

Gdansk Poland

a woman standing in the middle of a city gdansk poland

Gdansk is an ideal place from which to explore the rest of Poland and central Europe. The historic city center requires a lot of walking to truly enjoy so take those favorite shoes from Storage Drysdale and get to know it. If you love amber jewelry, the coastal area is strewn with it. Head off to a nearby beach and see if you can find your own pieces. This is a great place to bring home amber jewelry. There’s also an Amber Museum that shows off the history of the use of amber in the region.

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