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For almost 10 years Store and More have been safely storing their clients’ valuables, storing everything from cars, furniture, boats, caravans and collectibles, just to name a few. Store and More’s facility services storage Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove & Torquay and fortunately all of our clients have returned to collect their items, but in the storage industry there are many stories of clients not returning for items, or storage units being abandoned because the owner has not continued to pay rent.

In America it is estimated that more than 50,000 storage units are abandoned each year. The contents are auctioned and the highest bidder purchases what is inside the unit, usually without seeing the full contents. There have been many cases where a lot of junk is found inside, but there have also been many times where extremely valuable items were found. Let us share a few of these discoveries with you.

Story 1:

In the reality show Storage Wars, Darrell Sheets bought a storage unit contents for $3600. Looking inside he discovered original art by Frank Gutierrez which was estimated at $300,000. Darrell was nice enough to return the contents to the artist.

Story 2:

In 2011 a lucky buyer opened a storage unit to find the first Superman Comic. When he went to get it valued he discovered that 11 years earlier it was reported stolen by actor Nicolas Cage. The comic was returned to Nicolas who purchased the comic in 1995 for $150,000, but later sold it for over 2 million dollars. Wow!

Story 3:

Actor Burt Reynolds was storing all his movie memorabilia in a storage unit when it was reported that he defaulted on payment. The unit contents were therefore auctioned. All the purchasers of the contents decided to get together to open up a museum in Florida to display the amazing collection.

Story 4:

A $200,000 Lamborghini convertible was found inside an abandoned storage unit. The car was discovered to have been stolen a year earlier and luckily enough the unit buyer returned the car to the owner.

Story 5:

In 1989 a buyer paid $100 for a storage container and found a strange car inside with fins not wheels. He later discovered that he had purchased the original submarine car from the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”. The car was sold at auction for $997,000. What a profit!

Story 6:

In San Jose an anonymous man paid $1000 for a storage unit’s contents. Inside the unit he found a blue container of what some say was “pirate treasure” including rare coins and gold and silver. These items were valued at more than $500,000.

Story 7:

After purchasing a unit, a lady found a very rare Canadian stamp inside dated 1851. She was surprised when she took the stamp to a collector who informed her this one stamp was worth $34,000.

Story 8:

Reality show Auction Hunters were lucky enough to buy a unit for $1500 and inside was a NASA countdown clock and rocket. They gained information that these space items were from a discontinued Government Program which they were able to keep.

Story 9:

One fortunate buyer opened their new unit to discover a vast collection of Beach Boys music including hand written songs and recording contracts. The Beach Boys sought legal action and won back the ownership, but were required to sell the items which were estimated around 8 million dollars.

Story 10:

When a storage locker was opened and a bunch of newspapers were found, no one thought much of it until it was later realised they were dated August 16th, 1977, the day Elvis Presley died and included a collection of articles about him. They were later valued at $90,000.

We hope you have found this blog interesting. If you require storage Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove Please call Torquay on 5264 8448 or Ocean Grove on 5256 2992 if you require a storage unit. If you have a rare and expensive collection like the stories above, please don’t forget about collecting it!

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