What You Can’t Put Into Storage

What You Can’t Put Into Storage

Are you are moving from one house to another, or you want to keep some items you don’t need at the moment? A storage facility comes into mind. Most of the time, we have put things we should not in a rented or personal storage.

Most people wonder what to and not to put in storage. Below is a list of the things you should not put into a Self Storage Geelong…


Hazardous Items

Most storage units restrict the storage of items classified as hazardous, which is anything that can create damage to other stored items if spilled or opened. Things considered hazardous include those that are corrosive, flammable and or explosive.

Hazardous materials include materials such as chemicals, aerosol cans, gases, weed killers, car batteries and fireworks. Other items classified as dangerous are farm equipment or machinery which have fuel. Due to the risk they pose, it is advisable to empty the oil or petrol before putting the equipment into storage.


Live Animals or Pets

Leaving a live animal in Self Storage Geelong is against the law on animal rights. As most storage is enclosed, it would mean leaving your pet without light, care and food. If you care about your pet, it is advisable to leave them with a friend or family member in case you need to travel for a while. This will ensure their safety since long periods alone in storage can lead to health complications and even death.


Live Plants

Plants need light and water for their normal growth. These essentials are not present in an enclosed storage unit for a long duration of time. Having a plant in a storage unit can lead to their death, so it is advisable to either give them away or leave them in an open moist place.


Wet Items

If you wish to leave some items in a Self Storage Geelong, they should not be scented or damp. Highly scented items are likely to attract insects and rodents, which can be destructive to your valuables. On the other hand, wet things attract moulds, which can be harmful to the other items inside the storage unit. Ensure that all the items to be stored in the unit are completely dry and free from scents.


Food Items

Food items, when stored in an enclosed area with poor air circulation, are prone to rotting. When they spoil, and this smell attracts insects and rodents, which can, in turn, destroy the rest of your stored valuables. In addition to the rodents and insects, there is a high possibility for bacteria and mould accumulation around the spoilt food items.


Stolen Items

It may sound like common sense, but you should not store items in personal storage that you do not own. The other exception to this rule is that you should only keep things for which you have express permission to store.

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